Whole Steel Takouba Sword with 17C. European Blade.

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Origin: West Sahara

Date: Blade 17 C. Mounted 18 C.

The Takouba is the iconic  sword of the Sahel. Although commonly it is attributed to the Tuareg people, in fact it is used by many tribes and people of the Sahel: Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri to mention few. The Takouba tradition  goes back to early medieval times and continue the early  use of straight blade swords in the  Islamic cultures.  Tradition and geographical isolation kept the straight blade sword as the major cavalry battle sword in the Sahel, whereas it was slowly replaced by the curved saber in other Islamic territories.

Foreign  made blades where always preferred by the Takouba makers. European blades  where widely traded in the 19 C. But earlier important blade are also found mounted on Takouba swords.

The early Takouba sword offered here employs a very early 17 C European blade  with two long narrow fullers and finely etched ricasso.  Whole steel handle in contrary to many brass made handles on common Takouba swords.

Blade 35 inches (89 cm). Total length 39 1/2 inches (100 cm). Very good condition to age. Small corroded area on the tip of the blade. No scabbard. Blade 17 C.  Handle and mounts 18 C. Iconic sword, Tuareg or Bornu. Early and scarce.

Thanks to Iain Norman for his help in identification.


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