“Washipta”, Ceremonial Dance Staff of the Ga’anda people

Ga’anda Dance Staff

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Origin: Cameroon / Nigeria

Date: Early- Mid 20C.


Ga’anda people from Cameroon and Nigeria use this ceremonial dance staff during and pre-burial rituals. It is carried on the shoulder of male relatives of the deceased. Also known as “Washipta”. The whole iron sickle shaped staff with a flared axe shaped end and decorated with a crown of spikes. The staff is decorated with geometrical engraving. 26 inches long. Very good condition.

For a similar item see also: Zirngibl, Manfred A. & Alexander Kubetz, Panga na visu, Riedlhütte 2009, p. 73, ill. 139 and/or: Fowler Museum at UCLA Striking Iron, The Art of African Blacksmiths




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