Very Rare Yali Shaped Wood Handle for a Pata Sword

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Origin: Central or South India

Date: 18 C.

Yali is a mysterious creature in the Indian mythology, mostly in central and south India. It is found on many art works from the 16 C. and later. It is described as a creature combining features of lion and/or elephant and/or horse in various combinations and shapes. It is considered to be stronger and more powerful than a lion and a tiger and hence its shape was added to daggers and swords handles and also rarely to a Pata sword handle as the case here.

The Pata Gauntlet sword was probably “born” in the 17 C, derived from the earlier kattar dagger. Specifically, a development of the kattars with extended shell shaped protection for the hand, also known as hooded kattar. (See article by G.C .Stone below).

The unusual Pata Handle offered here is carved of wood, shaped as a Yali head with prominent eyes, open mouth with line of teeth holding the pata blade (Now missing). The handle is painted white yellow green blue and red. The inner side of the handle has a rolled metal grip and iron rod as a wrist brace.

Length 13 1/2 inches (34 cm). Good condition to age. Age crack on one side of the handle. Very rare 18 C. authentic artifact.

G.C. Stone “The Indian Gauntlet Sword – Pata” in “A Miscellany of Arms and Armor” 1928, pages 52-56


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