Very Rare Set of Books SURVEY OF PERSIAN ART Original 1938 Print

Survey of Persian Art

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Date: 1938

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This monumental survey of Persian art was initiated in 1926, greatly supported by Reza Shah Pahlavi , The Shah of Iran. The survey was compiled by numerous art specialist and researchers of Persian art, and finally completed in 1938, printed in Six large format hard cover heavy books. Three volumes of text books and three volumes of plates.

The study covers numerous aspects of Persian art, from early times to the 20 C., dealing with Early art, Architecture, Ceramic, Pottery and Faience, Calligraphy, Textiles and carpets, Metal work and Minor art. all the above. A must for the researchers and collectors of Persian arts.

Excellent condition to age. Heavy set, more than 40 Kg. Mailing cost with courier services included.

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