Very Rare and Impressive Talismanic Wootz Ball

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Origin: Mogul, India

Date: 18 C.

Watered steel (Wootz) was very desirable material not only because of its strength and flexibility that  fitted it for blades but also for its artistic appearance. It was therefore also used as  material for many other objects related to the warrior equipment and accessories: Armor, shields, flasks, standards, boxes and others.

The Talismanic ball offered for sale is forged entirely from watered steel of good and contrast pattern. Onion shaped suspended from a swiveling hook and ring and a steel panel pierced with the word Allah. Probably a gift to or from a Maharaja.

Diameter 7 12/ inches (18 cm). Total height 18 12/ inches (47 cm). Very Good condition. Dent in a small area on the upper side. Mogul, 18 C.

A Similar example in the museum at Alwar hanging from a European armor



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