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Very Rare and Fine Thai / Vietnamese Dah sword

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Origin: Thal / Vietnam

Date: Late 18C. - Early 19 C.


A rare Vietnamese Dah sword, one of very few known. A hybrid sword, essentially a high quality Thai Dah modified in Vietnam with the addition of an inlaid copper disc guard.  During the early Nguyen Dynasty, around 1820, Vietnamese forces won a campaign on the  Siamese army.  Siamese Dah swords were taken back to Vietnam modified to reflect Vietnamese style and were either issued to an elite units or kept as palace regalia. These swords  left Vietnam  Most likely during the French colonial period, 1850-1945. Very few are known in private collections in the west. All are remarkably similar in construction, decoration and condition.  Not an identical set, but close, with expected variations in length, blade tip profile, etc.  (Philip Tom see below)


The blade of classical Thai shape is forged from a laminated steel with high spine ridge. The Thai style is also reflected in the twohanded handle and conical pommel. The floral motifs on the thick copper guard is typically Vietnamese and can be seen on the mountings of other Vietnamese weapons as well.  The handle and all silver mounts are deeply and elegantly chased.


Blade length 19 1/2 inches (50 cm). Total length 34 1/2 inches (88 cm). Very good plus condition. Rare and fine authentic sword with historical background. Late 18 – Early 19 C.


Mr. Philip Tom, private correspondence


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