Very Rare 18 C. Indian Blade Projectile

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Origin: India

Date: 18 C.


This unusual and rare Indian weapon is composed of three steel double edge blades fullered and deadly sharp, connected together to form a chain like throwing weapon ending with two steel balls with faceted faces. Blades are probably forged from pattern welded steel. one of the blade is stampedĀ  with a maker mark.

The use of this weapon is not very clear. May be it is a throwing blades device operate in a way similar to the use of the South American throwing Bola

Balls 2 inch diameter. Blades length 9 inches each. Total length (fully stretched) 31 inches. Very good condition with good untouched age patina. We have not seen many of this very rare weapon. Indian, 18 C.

See also: Anthony C. Tirri “Islamic Weapons Maghrib to Moghul” page 276 fig 201A.


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