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Very Rare 17 C. Ottoman Khanjar / Jambiya Dagger

Early Ottoman Khanjar / Jambiya

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Origin: Turkey, Ottoman Empire

Date: 17 C.

16 and 17 C. Ottoman Khanjars (Jambiya) daggers are quite scarce and characterized by their rather small size, slightly curved good blade of flat lentil cross section with added decoration and faceted wood or ivory or jade handles.

This small dagger is Ottoman, 17C. curved and double edged blade forged from good watered steel. The blade is pierced with rectangular and round holes holding 9 small coral beads (one bead missing). A later gold inlaid figure 70 is added on one face of the blade and 5819 on the other (May be museum marks). Faceted wood handle of classical form. Similar daggers were captured from the Ottoman army at the siege on Vienna 1683

The coral beads remind in a way the technique of planting free running small steel or pearl balls in blades of Indian and Persian Kards and swords, also referred to as the “Tears of the wounded” or “Tears of Allah”.

Blade 6 1/2 inches. Total length 10 1/2 inches. Very good condition. No scabbard.

For a similar blades with coral beads See the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, NY article 36.25.1037
“Treasure of the Islam” 1985, page 318, fig 331

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