Very Long Early Rajput Kattar

Very Long Early Rajput Kattar

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Origin: Rajasthan, India

Date: 18 C.

The Kattar push dagger is one of the most common and known blades of the Indian arsenal. It comes in endless number of styles, shapes and quality. It is probably coming from the Deccan 15 C. or earlier and found its favored use between the Rajput warriors.

Most of the kattar s length are 10 to 20 inches with some exception. Very long kattars are probably earlier, 16 and 17 C. according to Elgood. The kattar offered here is one of these extremely long and heavy ones.
Whole steel laminated blade with very thick armor piercing tip. The blade and the bridge are forged in one piece and the side rods are brazed to the bridge.

Blade 17 inches, Total length 34 inches. The thickness of the armor piercing tip is more than 3/4 inch ( 20 mm). Weight 1600 Grams. Very good condition. Very few and minor pitted spots. No scabbard.

To emphasize the dimensions, it is It is shown below next to a more common kattar, 18 inches long. Also attached an old 17 or 18 C. painting showing a warrior wearing a very long kattar, probably similar to the one offered here.

See also: Robet Elgood, “Arms and Armour at the Jaipur Court”, page 80.


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