Very Large Silver Mounted Kaskara Sword with Early European Blade

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Origin: Sudan

Date: Late 19 C. with earlier 18 C. blade

Early Arab swords had straight wide blade. This form survived well into the 20th C. and well presented in the  Sudanese Kaskara swords.  Earlier Kaskara swords were equipped with imported European blades. Local made blade appeared later and are  very common  these days.

The Kaskara shown here is of larger dimensions than common Kaskara sword. Total length 46 inches (117 cm) compared to38-40 inches (97-102 cm) of common ones.  To demonstrate the dimensions of this sword it is shown below next to a more common 39 inches long Kaskara. The blade of this Sudanese  Kaskara is of  European origin, broad double-edged with a short central fuller. A beautiful image of a crouched lion is engraved on one face of the blade.   Steel cross-guard of classical shape and large embossed silver grip and  pommel.

Blade 39 inches (99 cm) long 2 inches (5 cm) wide. Total length 46 inches  (117 cm)  . Very good condition. Minor dents on the silver grip and pommel. No scabbard.

The engraved image of the lion is of clear European style, supporting the suggested blade origin. Blade is 18C. or earlier. Mounting of the sword is estimated to the late 19 C.


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