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Very Good Tenegre Sword, Panay, Visayan

Tenegre Visayan Sword

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Origin: Panay Island, Visayan, Philippines

Date: Late 19th C


Bolo swords from Visayan are characterized by their heavy blades, widest at the last third of the blade and usually with chiseled edge. It gives the sword a very good hold and balance. The handle is wood or horn, sometimes silver covered and with a pommel shaped as a grotesque monster head with a long beak.

The Tenegre exemplar here, probably from Panay Island exhibit these features: 22 inches beveled blade, finely carved whole horn handle and a steel bolster. Round wood cross guard. Total length 28 inches. Very good condition. Minor damage to the cross guard. A sword meant for hard work.

For a similar sword see: Bulletin 137 of the Smithsonian institution , Herbert H. Kreiger “THE COLLECTION OF PRIMITIVE WEAPONS AND ARMOR OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS IN THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL MUSEUM” plate 12 item 9


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