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Very Good Syrian Khanjar Magdali Dagger

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Origin: Magdal Shams, Golan Heights

Date: First half of the 20 C.


These daggers (Khanjars) are mostly titled as Syrian, which is correct. However They were produced mainly in two locations: Damascus and Magdal Shams (The tower of the sun), in the Golan Height an area of dispute between Israel and Syria. It is sometimes hard to tell where each khanjar was produced. The endless discussions and disagreement between collectors add to the confusion.  We think  that the Khanjars with the cylindrical grip, with or without the swell at the center are made in Magdal Shams. The Khanjar with the more flat grip are made in Damascus, all this with many exceptions. Recently we have noticed good copies of these khanjars coming from Jezzine, a small village in South Lebanon known for the extensive production of  knives and daggers.

The above define the Khanjar offered here as Magdali. A fine exemplar.  Fullered and engraved blade with red colored inserts. The handle is made from layers and mosaics pieces of horn, bone, mother of pearl brass nails and colored inserts in intricate geometrical design. Engraved brass scabbard with two iron carrying rings at the sides.

Blade 5 inches. Total length 10 inches. Very good condition.  Minor solder repairs on the scabbard. Authentic and fine mid 20 C. Magdali Khanjar.



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