Very Good Silver Mounted Arab Saif

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Origin: Saudi Arabia / Oman / Yemen

Date: 19 C.

The word SAIF in Arabic literally means a “sword”, but it was adopted in the Arab world to many types of swords with straight blades or curved blades that spread all over the Arab world, the middle east, the Arabian peninsula  and east Africa.

The type of saif offered here is  a late 19C. vintage and coming from south Arabia, Yemen and Oman and also found in the horn of Africa and Zanzibar. The blade is fullered, curved and single edged and in a way resembles European style blades. the silver handle ends with a tilted pommel with sides protrusions and a central small cone,  connected with a silver chain to the silver cross guard. The original tooled leather covered scabbard is mounted with silver locket and chape and hanging band with two rings.  All silver parts are finely pierced and engraved.

Blade 20 1/2 inches (75 cm). Total length 36 inches (92 cm). Very good condition. Silver chape lightly dented. Small repairs on the scabbard leather. Genuine and authentic late 19 C, sword.


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