Very Good Regimental Kothimora Khukuri

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Origin: Nepal

Date: Mid 20C.


Kothimore is a Nepalese name given to Khukuri knives with highly decorated scabbard, usually with large gold or silver mounts. John Powell The ever master of Khukuri research define three types of Kothimora Khukuries: Palace Kothimora, the highest class for royalties and high ranking people, Regimental Kothimora, usually highly decorated scabbards specially made to encase the knife of outstanding soldiers and officers and or specially made to commanders of Gurkha regiments, and box kothimora of box shaped scabbard.

The Regimental Kothimora is characterized by the highly decorated scabbard with large  chased and/or pierced locket and chape, sometimes bound with a silver chain and silver medallion set with coloured stones.

The Regimental Kothimora offered here is a mid 20C. presentation Khukuri with well made blade fullered blade with ridged spine and brass bolster. Bone handle with bone pommel plate. Large chased and pierced silver scabbard mounts. The locket is set with gilded chased panel and bound with silver chain connected to a silver medallion set with red stone.  Backside  leather compartment for side knife and steel, also with bone handles. All finely executed.

Blade12 inches, total 17 inches, very good condition. Small chip on the pommel bone cover. Impressive well made Kothimora Khukuri



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