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Very Good Piso Gading Sword of the Toba Batak, Sumatra

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Origin: Sulawesi, Indonesia

Date: 19C.

One of the rarest form of swords from Sumatra is this sword of the Toba Batak people, also known as “Piso Gading”. A slightly up-swept blade of good thickness with shallow fuller. Massive waisted handle with  gadrooned ribs.  Wood scabbard covered with bands of silver.  Both the blae and the scabbard are marked D 56, a collection catalog number (See below).

Blade 20 1/2  inches long.  Total length 24 inches. Very good condition. Blackened spots on the blade. Authentic and original 19C.  sword.

For similar swords see also: Albert G. Van Zonneveld “Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago” Fig 421 P. 107, and Achim Sibeth. “The Batak- Peoples of the Island of Sumatra” Fig 212 P. 163

Provenance: IFICAH International Foundation of Indonesian Culture and Asian Heritage, Hollenstedt (Germany).


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