Very Good Moroccan Koumaya Dagger with Horn Handle

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Origin: Morocco

Date: First half of the 20 C.


This Koumaya  Dagger is coming from Marrakesh, Morocco. Very good  exemplar of massive handle and scabbard. Classical double edged  blade, at its lower half  and single edged at the top. The blade is of good thickness, nicely fullered and decoratively pierced at its top. The handle is carved from a massive piece of R horn widening toward the pommel and mounted with silver pommel cover known as “Hanzer ” type (See E. Claude below).  Whole chased  silver scabbard.

Blade 9 inches (23 cm). Total length 15 inches (38 cm). Very good condition.

For a similar Koumaya see: Eric Claude ” The small Catalog of Moroccan and Algerian Edged Weapons” , page 52 – 53



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