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Very Good Mandau Sword with Piso Raout Side Knife

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Origin: Kalimantan (Borneo)

Date: Early 20C.

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Mandau (also known as Parang Hilang), the legendary sword from Kalimantan (Borneo), supposedly the prime beheading tool of the head hunters, but practically a machete for daily use in agricultural and house hold tasks. The Mandau is known for its unusual  blade cross section: concave on one face and convex on the other. This allegedly allows a easier and cleaner circular strike of the sword. The Mandau usually comes with a side knife of short blade on a long handle ( Piso Raout) also associated with the head hunting tradition and supposedly used to clean the soft tissues of the taken  head.

The Mandau sword offered here is of a classical size and shape, complete with the side knife (which is usually missing). Very good massive blade with ridged spine. The blade is  decorated with many S shaped  and star shaped brass inserts. L shaped antler handle bound with thin metal wire (with small losses). The side knife also with an antler handle top is housed in a back compartment from wood bark. This Mandau comes with remanis of an hanging belt covered with red fabric.

Blade 19 inches. Total length 28 inches. Piso Raout 18 inches long. Very good condition. Minor losses the handle carving. The rattan binding of the scabbard is restored. Authentic and complete early 20C. Mandau sword

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