Very Good Luba Short Sword

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Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

Date: First half of the 20 C.


The Luba people constitute the largest ethnic group in the D.R.C. They are concentrated in the south central part of the country. The Luba people are renowned for their artistic and  wood carving skills.

The classical dagger / short sword of the Luba is of very specific shape. A leaf shaped blade with a long narrow blade forte and very elegantly shaped wood scabbard.

The Short Sword  offered here is of classical form blade with  central rib split to two its center. Black wood handle and black painted hardwood scabbard plates loosely connected and decorated with few brass tacks.

Blade 15 1/2  inches long 4 inches wide.  Total length 21 1/2 inches. Very good condition. Good age patina on the blade. inor edge nicks. Authentic rare dagger, first half of the 20th C.



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