Very Good Long Nimcha Sword

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Origin: Morocco

Date: Late 19 C.


Nimcha. the classical sword of Morocco is locally called Saif (Sword). Its unique handle shpe is believed to be inspired from earlier Italian swords (See Eric Claude below). The Nimcha sword with its unique shaped handle was wide spread all over the Islamic world in variety of styles.

The Nimcha offered here is a good quality fighting sword. Long and narrow fullered steel blade. Classical shaped handle with massive R horn grip and deeply etched decorative cross guards and D guard, both previously gold washed. A white metal pommel cap.

Blade length 36 inches (92 cm). Total length 42 inches (106 cm). Very good condition. Handle mounts gold washing is lost. No scabbard.

See also: Eric Claude “The Small Catalog of Moroccan and Algerian Edged Weapons” Page 103 and on.



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