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Very Good Large Thouma Jambiya Dagger Yemen

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Origin: Sanaa, Yemen

Date: Early 20 C.


The Yemenite Jambiya style Thouma is worn by the highest ranking people in the Yemenite society: Imams, Judges, Scholars and other aristocratic people.  The Thouma is characterized by the wide blades, large I shaped handle and wide belt with silver attachments.

The Thouma shown below is large exemplar  with very wide blade, probably coming from Sanaa, the capital of Yemen.  The blade is 9  inches long and 3 inches wide. Double edged and with a central rib. The handle is dark horn decorated with steel nails and silver collar and mounted with imitation brass coins. The scabbard is wood covered with blue fabric and a long pierced silver chape signed by the maker (Hidden below the leather back cover).

Very good condition. Back side leather and leather binding strips are Later. Belt missing.



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