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Very Good Indo-Arab Jambiya Dagger

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Origin: India

Date: Late 19 C.


The demand for high quality Jambiya daggers in Arabia brought Arab dealers to look for such in the bigger and better regarded blade making places. Mostly in Turkey and/or India. In India, specifically in Hyderabad many such daggers were produced for  the high class Arab customers. The results are also known as Indo-Arab Jambiya, a class of its own. It is a fine mix of Arab and Indian styles of weaponry and decoration. The shape is of a classical Arab style where as the materials and decoration is classical 19C. Indian.

The exemplar shown here is late 19C. , larger than usual. Very well forged steel blade with a pronounced central rib. Massive horn handle decorated with brass and steel nails. Well made leather covered scabbard with finely stitched sem. Pierced brass tip.

Blade length 8 1/2  inches. Total 15 inches. Very good plus condition.



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