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Very Good Georgian Kindjal / Qama Dagger with Belt

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Origin: Georgia

Date: Early 20 C.

It is quite complicated to determine the exact origin of a Kindjal dagger. Inscription always help.  Kindjals / Qamas decorated with silver filigree work are commonly referred to Georgian. Although similar works are also found in neighboring countries.

The Kindjal offered here is most probably Georgian. The owner name Nicala Go engraved on the rear face of the scabbard strongly substantiate it. The blade of this Kindjal is of classical form with deep offset fullers. Silver scabbard and handle ridhly decorated with filigree work and areas of niello design. This kindjal comes with original belt also decorated in the same style.

Blade length 12inches (31 cm). Total length 18 1/2 inches (47 cm). Belt length (fully extended ) 46 inches (117 cm). Very good condition. Light dented area on the back of the scabbard with a small solder repair.


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