Very Good Bullova Battle Axe from Chota Nagpur, India

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Origin: Chota Nagopur - India

Date: Early 19 C.


Chota Nagpur height is a mountainous plateau in North East India, rich with woods and other natural resources. The plateau is partially populated by aborigine tribes, from the earliest in India which were forced into this area by the immigration waves of the last 2000 years.

The  Bullova is the classical battle axe of the Chota Nagour aborigine people. Rather simple in construction but efficient for combat. The steel head may takes a variety of shapes, some being quite weird.

The steel head of the Bullova axe offered here is rather simple, of square lines but not very common. It make this axe very efficient for close quarter battle. Steel head mounted on a long Bamboo shaft partially bound with brass wires. Conical faceted brass top and brass bottom tip.

Blade 8 X 2  1/2 inches. Total length 37 inches. Very good, original untouched condition. Good dark age patina on both the blade and the haft. Authentic, early – mid 19 C.



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