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Very Good and Rare Greek / Balkan Shamshir Sword

Origin: North West Greece

Date: Second half of the 19 C.


This unusual fine shamshir sword is  coming from North West Greece  or neighboring Albania or other Balkan states.

Fine deeply curved and fullered  blade. Blade is marked with a maker sign and engraved with a series of numbers: 123568974. There  are also traces of engraved numbers and letters on the other side of the blade. Polished wood grip  with silver pommel cap and silver cross guard. Wood scabbard with long heavy finely  chased silver locket and chape.

The silver chasing is of typical Greek Balkan, hence the attribution. Several swords with similar decoration styles are  shown in Robert Elgood book ” The Arms of Greece”.

Blade 30 inches long. Total length 36 inches. Very good condition. The pommel cap is a replacement. Age cracks on the grip with added  silver band and it holds very solid. Authentic and rare  19C. Shamshir



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