Very Good and Large 19 C. Ethiopian Gurade Sword

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Origin: Ethiopia

Date: Late 19 C.


The “Gurade” is the Ethiopian fighting sword /  saber. It  was introduced in the 19th century, probably developed and adapted to a more modern warfare from the earlier shotel,  a longer and deeply curved Ethiopian sword. It is in the style of European sabers with a single edge blade. Some Gurade sabers have European made blades.

The  very good and larger than usual Gurade offered here has a long blade, probably of local make but of good quality.  The hilt is of classical form made from  three horn sectors.  The pommel cap is dome shaped  engraved brass.  Original scabbard covered with tooled leather and bound with beautifully pierced and gilded brass bands and a similar chape.

Blade 32 inches. Total length 41 inches.  Very good condition. Minor losses to the gilding.  Trace of old leather belt.



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