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Very Good and Complete Bedouin Sword

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Origin: Middle East

Date: First quarter of the 20th C.


Swords used by Bedouins from the near east employed every available blade. Mostly European made saber blade, reminding  Shashqa blades. But we have seen Bedouin swords with secondary use of Yataghan blades or even reused Kilij blades. The common handle are square with down pointing pommel and cross guard.

Many of the Bedouin swords are of mediocre quality. However, sometimes a finer exemplar appears on the market, like the  sword offered here. The blade of this sword is most probably German made, curved and single edged with double fuller. The horn grips  are bound with white metal bands. The entire scabbard is covered with white metal, engraved in the Arab style.

Blade 29 inches. Total length  34 Inches. very good plus condition  Authentic sword, first half of the 20C. Probably of Palestinian origin.



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