Very Good 17C. Kattar Push dagger from Deccan, India

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Origin: Deccan, India

Date: 17 C.


The Kattar push dagger is one of the most common and known blades of the Indian arsenal. It comes in endless number of sizes, shapes , styles, decoration and quality. It is probably coming from the Deccan 15 C.  Earlier Kattars  specifically from central and south India were composed of a separate blade, either specifically forged or cut down from a sword blade which was  riveted to the handle.

The  Kattar offered here is an early exemplar,  late 17 C. Most probably from Tanjore. Double  edge straight blade with two fullers. Traces of forged pattern on the steel. The blade   is riveted to finely chiseled extensions of the handle. Chiseled and pierced side bars and finely chiseled cross bars.

Blade 13 inches long. Total length 21 inches. Good condition to age. Lightly blackened spots on the blade.



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