Very Good 17C. Kattar Push dagger from Central / South India

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Origin: South India

Date: 17 c.


The Kattar push dagger is one of the most common and known blades of the Indian arsenal. It comes in endless number of sizes, shapes , styles, decoration and quality. It is probably coming from the Deccan sometime in the 15 C.  Earlier Kattars  specifically from central and south India were composed of a separate blade, either specifically forged or cut down from a sword blade which was  riveted to the handle. late Kattars were forge d from a single steel ingot.

The  Kattar offered here is an early exemplar,  17 C. Double  edge straight blade , a secondary use of a cut down sword blade forged from watered steel (Wootz). Traces of engraving in the center of the shallow fuller. The blade is riveted to a finely chiseled extensions of the handle. The wide  side bars and massive  cross bars are pierced and chiseled with a floral pattern.

Blade 13 inches long. Total length 19 1/2  inches. Very good condition to age. Minor traces of pitting on the blade forte. slightly worn side bars. This Kattar comes with a newly made leather covered scabbard (Not shown).  



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