Very Fine Wootz Pesh Kabz Dagger

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Origin: Iran

Date: 18 C.

The legendary Pesh-Kabz knife / dagger is believed to originate from Iran in the 17 C. in the Safavid period (1450-1750). It was originally designed as an armor piercing weapon intended to penetrate and break the rings of mail armor. Somewhat later it widespread in Central Asia  and brought by the Moguls to Northern India.

The classical Pesh-Kabz is a single edged knife with heavy re-curving  Full tang blade with a thick T shaped spine. The tang is fitted with two side grips made from Walrus (Mostly in Iran) or Elephant ivory (India) or / and other luxuries materials like rhinoceros horns, precious metals or gem stones.

Iranian and neighboring countries people use a Pesh-Kabz with moderate curved blade and full length T spine. Indian Pesh Kabz are usually of deeper curvature and half length T spine.

The Pesh Kabz dagger offered here is Typical Iranian. Blade forged from fine watered steel (wootz) of high contrast pattern, finely chiseled with floral pattern at the forte.An Arabic name Kheir (خير ) is inlaid in gold on the blade forte. Full length T spine and steel grip strap also finely chiseled with the same floral pattern.

Blade 101/2 inches. Total length 15 inches. Very good condition. No scabbard. Authentic 18 C. Pesh Kabz.

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