Very Fine Wootz Karud Dagger

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Origin: North India

Date: Early 19 C.


The name Karud is common between collectors and refers to the heavy   dagger with a strong T shaped straight spine and down curving grip pommel,  which defers from the Pesh Kabz dagger with the double curving blade with similar shaped handle. The name itself and its origin was a source of arguments and debates on the net. We prefer to stick to the name Karud as it is mostly known between collectors.

The Karud offered here is coming from India, most probably from North India. The narrow blade with strong T spine is forged from good watered steel (wootz) of clear high contrast pattern. Massive steel bolster. Ivory grips with short silver chains attached to the  pommel. Original scabbard with the original blue velvet cover mounted with very fine pierced silver locket and chape .

Blade 9 1/2 inches. Total length 17 inches. Very good condition Minor losses to the velvet cover of the scabbard. Original and complete dagger with scabbard. Authentic early 19 C. dagger



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