Very Fine Whole Wootz Kattar Dagger

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Origin: India

Date: 19C.


Outstanding 19 C.  Kattar dagger with a watered steel blade and watered steel scabbard (wootz).

Heavy blade forged from watered steel. The central rib is pierced with a narrow channel  filled with steel balls. The technique of planting free running small steel or pearl balls in blades is mostly applied to high quality blades of Indian and Persian Kards and swords. This technique is also referred to as the “Tears of the wounded” or “Tears of Allah”.

The side bars and cross bars of the handle are heavily gilded over a delicate floral engraving with added inscription. The watered steel scabbard is mounted with heavily gilded and pierced locket and chape. The front side has a compartment for additional small tools and accessories (Unfortunately now missing).  Additional inscription on the back side of the scabbard.

Blade 9 inches long. Total length 16 1/2 inches. Very good plus condition. original untouched polish and etching with very minor blacken spots.

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