Very Fine Tulwar Sword with 17 C. Blade

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Origin: India

Date: late 17 C.


The Tulwar, the classical Indian fighting sword  is  quite common and found in abundance on the  market.  Mostly 19 and 20 C. exemplars. Seldom one luckily get a fine Tulwar with really early blade.

The Tulwar  offered here is a fine exemplar with a 17 C. blade in mint condition and later, late 18 or early 19 C. finely chiseled handle. . The blade is massive, finely fullered and highly polished (Original polish). The spine of the blade is also fullered and engraved in Devanagari script:

waaki kot miti 1749 Shri 29 Gujarat.

waaki kot is the place, Gujarat is the state. 1749 it is samavat date. (AD 1693)

The steel handle is very finely and deeply chiseled in floral design with gold line decoration.

Blade 76 cm, total 89 cm. Perfect condition. No nicks or damages.



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