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Very Fine Tajong Keris Malayan Peninsula

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Origin: Malayan Peninsula

Date: Mid 20.


Kerises with bird head shaped handles with long beak are sometime called Kingfisher kerises and are coming from the Malayan peninsula. There are two main styles of handles: tajong and Coteng. The Tajong style is considered masculine style whereas the Coteng  style is considered feminine.

The Tajong Keris dagger offered here is rather a later one. mid 20C. or a bit later. Very finely executed. Straight blade of flat diamond cross section. Black wood handle with long gold beak and gold crown and  mendak . Highly polished wood scabbard.

Blade 17 inches. Total length 23 inches. Mint condition. Mid 20C. most probably from Pattani on the border of Thailand and Malaysia.



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