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Very Fine Short Yataghan Sword

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Origin: Ottoman Empire

Date: 19 C.

Yataghan – The legendary sword of the Ottoman empire is common to many regions of the empire and appears in endless number of shapes sizes and decoration styles. It is sometimes hard to determine the exact origin of a specific exemplar.

The short yataghan sword offered here is of somewhat unusual features. It is a short version with a blade length of 16 inches ( 41 cm) widening to maximum width at the last quarter of its length. T style spine. The blade is forged from watered steel (wootz) in the pattern known as “sham”, common to Turkey and the Middle east. The handle with relatively small ears is gilded steel in a floral pattern and with gold (?) bolster. Chased silver scabbard.

Blade length 16 inches (41 cm). Total length 24 inches (61cm). Very good condition. several lightly pitted areas on the blade. It should be noted that short yataghans like this are sometimes attributed to naval uses.


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