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Very Fine Shamshir Sword Made in France for the Ottoman market

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Origin: France, made for Turkey

Date: mid 19 C.

The demand for top quality arms and armor in the Ottoman empire in the 19 C. increased the trade of such arms and armor from Europe. Many swords daggers and the like where produced in France by most skilled craftsman and exported to Turkey. These were made in a classical Turkish shape and materials but the level and style of decoration where highly European.

The Shamshir sword offered here is such an example: French made top quality sword. Fine watered steel (wootz) blade, probably made in India. High quality superb workmanship handle and scabbard. rhino horn grips. Cross guard and scabbard mounts are all gilded silver, very finely chiseled and chased in floral pattern. Original leather covered scabbard with spiral stitching.

Blade 29 1/2 inches, total length 37 inches. Perfect condition. Very impressive sword.

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