Very Fine Persian Khanjar Dagger

Persian Khanjar Dagger

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Origin: Persia

Date: mid 19C. Qajar period

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From the peak of the Qajar period in Persia mid 19 C. comes this very fine Khanjar dagger. Classical shape, very complete, with all parts untouched and original. Employing a High quality watered steel (Wootz) blade with high contrast pattern, chiseled with hunting scenes at its forte. I shaped Walrus Ivory grip carved entirely from the inner marble like core of the tusk. The inner part of the tusk is regarded as most efficient in wound healing, which is one of the reasons for the extensive use of walrus ivory in sword and daggers handles. Wood scabbard covered with black tooled leather bound with red cord and mounted with silver chape. Blade length 10, total 15 inches. next to perfect condition.

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