Very Fine Pair of Berber Silver Bracelets

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Origin: South West Morocco

Date: Early 20C.

Not exactly a weapon but a fine example of  enameled silver work from South Morocco, found also on swords and daggers from the area.

Berber silver work from Morocco follows in a way the technique  came from Moorish Spain. Colorful enamel in bright  blue  yellow and green set with colored  stones (and recently, with colored glass)  and decorated with braided or twisted silver wire.

The fine pair of bracelets offered here is most probably coming from Tiznit, a town  on the Atlantic shore in south west Morocco. Heavy silver frames bordering dense array of tiny silver tubes, set with blue and green stones (Glass ??) and blue green and yellow enameled axes.

2 1/2 inches diameter, 1 1/2 inches wide, 205 grams each. Very good condition. Rare early 20C. art work

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