Very Fine Moroccan Koumaya Dagger from Marrakech

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Origin: Marrakech, Morocco

Date: 1932


This fine Koumaya  Dagger is coming from Marrakech, Morocco. Dated to 1351 (1932 in the Gregorian calendar ) . Classical blade, double edged at its lower half  and single edged at the top, signed. The handle is dense wood, widening toward the pommel and mounted with heavy silver pommel cover known as “Hanzer ” type.  The handle is covered all around with inscriptions made of silver wire inlaid into the wood. The inscriptions give the date and  the attribution to Marrakech.
The inscription say:

ضرب بمراكش ووجهته افضل
٢٠٢ جمادي الثانية
من الرئبال مطبوعة بطابع المخزة
عام ١٣٥١

And in free translation

Made in Marakech at the highest quality

In the month Jamadi El Thania 202 (??)

From the lion (Unclear word ???),  struck with a seal

Year of 1351

Whole  silver scabbard chased in classical Moroccan style. Both the silver scabbard and the pommel top are proofed marked in several places. The scabbard locket is marked with the maker name.

Blade 9 1/2 inches. Total length 17 inches. Very good plus condition.



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