Very Fine Khukuri Machete with Gilded Mounts

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Origin: Nepal/ India

Date: Early 20 C.

The Legendary  Khukuri (Kukri) was originated in Nepal in the end of the 17 C, and also spread to neighboring regions. Rapidly it was recognized as a very  effective knife / machete. Its construction and balance made it a formidable weapon as well as  a functional utility tool.  The variety in sizes, quality and materials is endless.

The Khukuri offered here is a very fine high quality exemplar. Heavy blade. Massive single I piece of grip with silver bolster. Velvet covered scabbard with finely pierced and  chased gilded mounts. This Khukuri  is accompanied with a small steel (Chakma) also with I  grip.

Blade 12 1/2 inches (31 cm). Total length 17 inches (43 cm). Very good condition. Small chip on the grip. A fine  early 20 C. Khukuri.

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