Very Fine Hanshee Khukuri from JP Collection

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Origin: Nepal

Date: Late 18 - early 19 C.

The Hanshee is an earlier form of the Khukuri , 18 and earl 19 C. It is charecterized by the slender blade and long hand and a half handle. I most of the Hanshee  Khukuri’s  the spine and the back of the handle are in continuous arc line curvature. The Hanshee  are quit rare and most sought after by Khukuri collectors.

The Hanshee shown below is a very fine exemplar, with pattern welded steel blade signed on both sides with the armory marks, with traces of gold inlay. Silver bolsters and black horn handle. Original velvet covered scabbard with large pierced silver mounts and a decorative large silver medallion connected to the locket with long silver chains. Back compartment with two ccompanied knives in the  general shape of a Hanshee blade.

Blade 13 inches, total length 20 inches. Very good condition. Minor losses and wear to the velvet cover, with small lwter repairs.

Provenance: Late  JP (John Powel) collection. Purchased in 2005.



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