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Very Fine Gold Inlaid Ottoman Kilij Sword

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Origin: Ottoman Empire

Date: Late 19 C.


The Kilij is the traditional saber of the Ottomans. It was in use from the early 17 C. and during more than 300 years well into the 20th C. The use of the Kilij was spread all over the Ottoman empire territories and well beyond it. Usually these swords comes with high quality highly decorated  chiseled and gilded blades,.

The Kilij sword offered here is a very high quality sword. The  blade is forged from watered steel (Wootz) with good pattern on a dark highly polished background.  The blade forte is beautifully chiseled in floral pattern and gilded. Two gold inlaid medallions on the fortre, with nicely tight floral design 0n one face and long Arabic inscription on the other face. Horn grips with silver grip strap and steel cross guard also richly  inlaid with gold.

Blade 32 inches. Total 37 inches. Next to mint condition. No scabbard

The inscription in Arabic:

نصر من الله وفتح قريب
وبشر المؤمنين

“Nasarin min Alla Ufatahin Kariv. Ubashshar Almuamin
Eternal Victory from God  is close. Tell the believers (Free translation)

Price: On request



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