Very Fine Gilded Kastane Sword from Sri Lanka

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Origin: Sri Lanka

Date: First half of the 19 C.


The Kastane is basically a dress sword intended for ceremonial events. Typical to the Kandy period (1597 – 1815) , characterized by the short curve blade occasionally of European origin. The pommel is styled as a lion head, the grip the cross guard and the D guard all ending with lion or yali or other beast heads.

The better exemplars are mostly silver hilted, gilded and set with gemstones. They were worn by high rank officers and also much favored by European gentlemen.

The fine Kastane sword offered here is 19 C. of the highest class. Gilded silver octagonal grip and hilt parts, with the classical gaped mouth lion head pommel with lines of sharp teeth. Gilded beasts heads cross guard and quillons   finials. All set with many red stones, most probably rubies and several clear stones. Blade of European origin cut from a military sword (?). Finely chased gilded silver scabbard.

Blade length 14 inches (36 cm). Total length 21 1/2 inches (55 cm). Very good plus condition. Minor repair on one of the quillons tip. Rare sword in this state and condition.

See also: P.H.D.H De Silva, S. Wickramasinghe “Ancient Swords Daggers & Knives in Sri Lankan Museums” Pages 121-126.

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