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Very Fine Decorative Knife in Horn Scabbard – China

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Origin: China

Date: First quarter of the 20th C.

Not really a weapon but strongly related to it. This short knife is housed in a huge deeply curved Buffalo horn decorated in high quality silver parts depicting in high relief dragons and other mythical creatures. The horn scabbard is set with many colored stones: Corals, malachite, lapis and others. The knife, although short but with massive fullered blade and wide circular chased silver cross guard is also set with corals and malachite stones. Black horn grip.

Blade 11 inches. Total length ( in straight line from the pommel to the horn tip) 27 1/2 inches. Very good condition. Very few stones are missing.

The size and quality of the silver work suggest a early to mid 20 C. Chinese work. Many later made Chinese decorative knifes are common for the tourist market.  It should be noted here that this exemplar is of much higher quality and workmanship.


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