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Very Fine Caucasian Shashqa sword with the Imperial Cypher of Nicholas II

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Origin: Caucasus

Date: First quarter of the 20th C.

Shashaqa sword of Classical Caucasian shape and decoration, most probably made in Georegia or Dagestan early 20 C. Long slightly curved blade with two fullers on each face. Both sides of the blade forte are deeply etched in a dense floral design and with the Cypher of the Russian tzar Nicholas II (1894-1917) . The handle of classical shape is chased and nielloed silver. Scabbard covered with leather and mounted with chased and nielloed silver locket, chape and bands for carrying rings.

Blade 32 1/2 inches (83 cm). Total length 39 inches (99 cm). Very good condition. Minor dents on the handle.



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