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Very Fine and Rare MADD Jambiya Dagger from Hadhramout, Yemen

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Origin: Hadhramout, Yemen

Date: Early 20C.

MADD Jambiya daggers from Hadhramout (also known as Hadhramout Thouma) are whole silver jambiya daggers with short slightly curved scabbard and not deeply curved as common in other Jambiya from the region.

The exemplar offered here is of very fine quality. Classical blade of very good quality (see comment below), with a pronounced central rib.  Whole silver handle with silver filigree rosettes and a central band. Whole silver  scabbard with decoration piercing, engraving and filigree work. Handle and scabbard are gilded in several areas.

Blade 10 inches. Total 12 inches. Very good plus condition. Authentic and rare early 20 C. jambiya

The quality of the blade and silver work suggest it was made in India for the Arab market. May be in Hyderabad.

See also: Stephen Gracie “Jambiya Daggers from the Ancient Souqs of Yemen” page 33


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