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Very Fine and Long Kindjal/Qama Dagger by AZALAI

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Origin: Dagestan, Caucasus

Date: Early 20 C.


Dagestan is situated on the southern border of Russia, in the Caucasus mountains. The area is rich in silver which was mined since early Greek times, hence the art of silversmith was developed and perfected in Dagestan, especially in the small settlement of  Kubachi. The region is famous for its silver work, specifically in the art of producing and decorating arms and armor which was traded all over the region.

The Kindjal offered here is a fine example for silver chiseling and niello work. Probably made in Kubachi, very early 20C. Classical blade with a deep central fuller and two shallow side fullers.  The blade is signed by the maker AZALAI (АЗАЛАИ ). Heavy silver  handle and scabbard, proof marked. Both faces of the scabbard are richly decorated with fine niello work and deeply chiseled in delicate floral design. The back face is inscribed with Arab letters and read آغاني (Agani), probably the name of the owner.

Rather long dimensions. Blade 15 1/2  inches (40 cm) long. Total length 23 inches 59 cm). Very good condition.

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