Very Fine 18 C. Painted Persian Composite Reflex Bow

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Origin: Iran

Date: 18 C.


Composite bows are made of horn wood and sinew laminated together. These bows were in use since the second millennium BC, originated in the steppes of central Asia and spread out all over from Korea to the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North Africa and southwards in the Arabian Peninsula and India, and were in use well into the end of the 19 C.

The composite bow offered here is from the Qajar period, 18 C. Swelling grip, broad limbs and slender ears. Beautifully painted with floral pattern and hunting scenes of hawking, hounds and mounted hunters armed with bows and swords chasing a variety of game.

Width 21 inches (53 cm). Very Good condition. Tiny age cracks on the painting and small areas of fading and losses.)

For several similar bows in the collection of the Military Museum, Tehran. See Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani “Arms and Armor from Iran” pages 730-734

Another one in the Stibbert Museum, Florence.

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