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Unusual Penai (?) Sword of the Toraja

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Origin: Sulawesi, Indonesia

Date: Late 19 C.

 The Torajans are ethnic group from the mountainous region of south Sulawazi Indonesia. the Torajans were mostly Animist but  in the early 1900s Dutch missionaries  worked to convert Torajan highlanders to Christianity.

The Torajans uses the Penai Sword. It   is characterized by the peculiar pistol shape hilt and carved scabbard. Blade of  pamor structure.

The sword offered here has the typical blade shape and scabbard construction of a classical Penai sword, but the hilt, although similar in shape is made of cast bronze and faceted grip.

Blade length 19 inches Total length 30 inches. Very good condition. Old solder repair on the hilt.


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