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Unusual Pedang Lurus Sword, Java, Indonesia

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Origin: Java Indonesia

Date: Late 19 C.

The Pedang Lurus (Straight Sword in local languages) is originated in Java, Indonesia. Highly influenced by the European short hunting swords, but as common show much of the local blade construction and decoration styles. Straight blade very slightly down curving and in most cases the lower half of the blade is double edged. Straight or slightly inclined handle with short cross guard. varying materials: mostly silver but sometimes other available materials as the case is in the Pedang Lurus offered here.

The blade of the Pedang Lurus offered here is of high quality and slightly different Pamor steel. Pattern welded of high contrast and tight structure, clearly seen on the entire length of the blade. Horn handle Wood (May be Bamboo) scabbard bound with severalĀ  copper bands and copper chape.

Blade 22 inches. Total length 27 inches. very good condition. Minor chipped area on the horn cross guard. Late 19 C. unusual and authentic sword.


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