Tunisian 19 C. Straight Dagger

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Origin: Tunis

Date: 19 C.


This dagger comes from Tunis.¬† The origin of this knife was in question for some time but with one dagger inscribed with “Bizerte” the name of a town in Northern Tunis it makes the Tunis attribution quite clear.

The long and fullered blade is pierced in the center in a style very similar to Spanish daggers. It is engraved in a North African style. Horn handle with brass cross guard and half D guard and brass pommel cover. The horn  grip is set with many circular inserts and several small red coral stones (Typical Tunisian decoration). Engraved brass scabbard with side loops for rings and baldric belt.

Blade 14 1/2 inches (37 cm). Total length 20 1/2 inches (52 cm) Very good condition. Few corals stones missing. Small dents on the scabbard. original and scarce 19 C. dagger.

Similar daggers are discussed in length on the Viking Forum in 2015. See Mysterious knife number 2 – Ethnographic Arms & Armour (



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